The OPTI-6100 is the industry’s first OC-3/OC-12/OC-48 multiplexer to deliver a combination of DS1, DS3/EC-1s, Ethernet,OC-3 and OC-12 drops. ADTRAN provides the ability to utilize all of the bandwidth in an optical network interface for customer services without stranded bandwidth. Its compact design is significantly smaller than similar products and it delivers superior functionality at a fraction of the price.

The ADTRAN OPTI-3 sets a new mark for OC-3 multiplexers, delivering three DS3 circuits from a single OC-3 feed. Designed to meet the growing demand for DS3 deployment in today's economy, the OPTI-3 eliminates the need for expensive SONET ADM multiplexer equipment and provides the fullest use of OC-3 capacity.

An OC-3 multiplexer delivering three DS3 circuits from a single OC-3 feed in a compact footprint with flexible mounting options.
A compact, high-density, full featured global platform that enables the flexible delivery of high bandwidth fiber-based services.

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