401 Micro FTTH

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A suite of fiber access solutions that are enabling carriers to compete more cost-effectively while expanding broadband services to un-served and underserved areas, like those targeted by national broadband initiatives.

Technical Specifications
  • Most cost-effective delivery of symmetric gigabit services
  • Uniquely supports SFU, SBU, and MDU deployments streamlining installation procedures
  • Key part of a wireless residential gateway deployment strategy
  • Improves security and reduces vandalism
  • Increases life of ONT, improving ROI
  • Saves cost of a truck roll to upgrade service
  • Native Ethernet transport over the GPON (GEM Based)
  • Dual mode Active Ethernet and GPON uplink
  • POTS support
  • VoIP using SIP or MGCP
  • IPTV video support including IGMP snooping feature set
  • Traffic management through priority queuing, scheduling, policing and traffic shaping