NetVanta 1131 (RPS/EPS) Unit

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With growing number of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powered edge devices, and the explosion of multi-media traffic and cloud-based apps on the Local Area Network (LAN), having a resilient network infrastructure is essential to your business. The key to having a resilient network is to ensure uninterrupted power.

ADTRAN addresses this need with the NetVanta 1131 RPS/EPS unit, which provides redundant power and supplemental power to the NetVanta® 1600 Series, and redundant power to the NetVanta 1500 Series Gigabit switches.

Features and Benefits
  • Redundant and Extended Power Supply forNetVanta Gigabit switches
  • Redundant Power for up to three NetVanta switches
  • Enables NetVanta switches to be powered from Dual AC circuits
  • Backup 370 watts PoE budget power for NetVanta PoE switches
  • Additional 370 watts PoE budget power for NetVanta 1638P
  • Half-rack form factor, allowing two NetVanta 1131s to be mounted using the optional dual mounting tray
  • Plug-and-play operation—requires no manual configuration