Total Access 604, SHDSL w/DSX (3rd Gen)

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The Total Access 604 with DSX-1 (SHDSL) is a fixed-port Integrated Access Device (IAD) providing a single G.SHDSL network interface, DSX-1 interface, 4 analog FXS interfaces, V.35 serial port and 10/100Base-T IP router.
  • Designed for VoDSL applications and pre-configured with ATM software
  • Intuitive menu-driven configuration
  • Supports AAL2 (voice) and AAL5 (data)
  • On-board echo cancellation (G.168), PCM (G.711), and ADPCM (G.726) compression resources for packet applications
  • RTP/UDP/IP support
  • Interoperability with leading softswitch and feature server vendors
  • Integral IP router supports DHCP, NAT/PAT, packet filtering, RIP V1/V2
  • 50-pin female Amphenol connector for Carrier Class analog POTS (FXS) interfaces

No software is currently available for this product


Part Number: 3353002    
  • 50-position prewired ?66?-type Punch Down Block
  • Includes mounting bracket and designation cover
  • 50-pin female Amphenol connector
Part Number: 1203602L1    
  • Multi-port attenuator for Total Access 600 and 900 series IADs
  • Addresses an issue present in some vendor's multi-line phone systems by simulating added loop length on the FXS ports
Part Number: 1200927F8    
  • Breakout box providing RJ-21M (50-pin amp) to 8 RJ-48 ports
  • Eliminates the need for punch-down block and cable for installs requiring less than 8 analog ports
  • RoHS 5-of-6 compliant
  • Fully 6-of-6 RoHS compliant
  • Quick Start Guide
Part Number: 1200927L8    
Part Number: 1800001L1    
  • Installation kit for use with the Total Access 600, 850 and 900/900e Series products
  • Includes Punch Down Block (3353002) and 10-foot, 50-pin male to male cable (3353102)
Part Number: 1800002L1    
  • Installation kit for use with the Total Access 600, 850 and 900/900e Series products
  • Includes Punch Down Block (3353002) and 6-foot, 50-pin male to male cable (3353102)
  • Includes 25 foot Cat 5e Ethernet cable

Part Number: 3196ADPT001    
  • RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter for connection to craft port
Battery Backup Accessories

Part Number: 1200641L1    
  • 12 Volt ADTRAN designed battery backup system
  • Eight hours uptime
  • Designed for use with Total Access 604, 608 IADs, 904, 908 or 908e (Gen 3 only)
  • Replacement battery available (1975044L1)

NOTE: This product contains lead acid batteries that require regular recharging to prevent degradation during storage.